Courier Van GPS Trackers

If you have a fleet of courier vans which travel nationwide delivering items? If so, you will need to keep an eye on where each vehicle is, and will be looking for a reliable way to monitor the movement of your fleet. Our courier van GPS trackers are designed to provide just that level of visibility, and will enable you to track in real-time where every vehicle in your fleet is at any given moment. Functions such as geo-fence alerts will enable you to know when a van leaves a designated area, and a host of other features mean that you can always enjoy complete visibility of the location of your fleet – however many vans you need to keep track of.

You can get a full history of where your vehicles have been and even replay the routes on a map so you can see where your employees have been and keep an eye on their speed and starting times.

With the cheapest live tracking in the UK  it can be more affordable than you might think to buy and fit one of our courier van GPS trackers. We recommend you invest in one of the high quality company Courier Van GPS trackers available from Wireless Tracking Ltd.